Corner Computing Solutions: 30$ per hour!

Sole Proprietor: Dale Jake Corner, I have two degrees and five certifications in my field as well as a wealth of experience. My resume is available on demand.

Phone: 1 206 853 5207 24 hours a day!

Snail Mail: Corner Computing Solutions 22823 14nth pl west Bothell WA 98021 Checked: Every monday!


ThumbTack link move mouse here! -> Computer Repair, Software and Network Solutions 24 Hours a Day!

My Services are as follows: All services are ON SITE or PICK UP ONLY!

  1. PC Repair Computer repair (Hardware and Software, Includes full NSA Standard Security Settings)
  2. Lost or forgotten password recovery for all windows operating systems!
  3. Laptop Repair (Hardware and Software, Includes full NSA Standard Security Settings)
  4. Cell Phone Repair (Software only, limitation of OEM warranty)
  5. Data recovery (If the hard drive spins I can get your data)
  6. Data destruction (sensitive data on drives? I will destroy the data using DOD or above specifications.)
  7. Password Recovery (All windows, Linux and Apple operating systems, even if admin is locked)
  8. Server builds and setups (any server, anywhere, anytime)
  9. Gaming computers and setups
  10. SSD Hard Drive upgrades to increase speed and keep data available longer and safer
  11. Custome cable runs (Coax, Cat5, HDMI, Phone, have anything play to your flat screen!) Full office setups (New computers, phones, routers for the entire office at a very fair price)
  12. Network design deployment and implimentation. This includes, Security architecture, IR and Forensics, Malware Analysis, Security testing as well as Risk and Compliance.
  13. Network Security testing (To determine how secure your network, home or building really is)
  14. Security Camera setups (Full remote or localized video surveillance for home, business or vehicle)
  15. Music video consulting and creation
  16. Advertisement video consulting, shooting and creation (A video with a message not just an advert)
  17. Custom Computing (I can put you in the top 10% of computing world wide for a very fair price. That includes design and assembly.)
  18. Web site consulting(No one can promise first page placement on a search engine, but I can and will improve your ranking under specific search categories for your business)
  19. It/Network Consulting(Improve network efficiency, security, design and implementation of your office, large or small business network and speed of deployment to save you time and money.)
  20. Recording Studio consulting, design and implementation (Make your own music? Tired of over paying producers? I can help design, implement and deploy an in house recording studio for you!)

I will handle every single cell phone, lap top and desktop that is there when I arrive.

Software Design Development: Desktop or Web site

This includes, graphics, template, 4.5, C# back end code (there is nothing more secure), forms and data display and integrity, Security Measures, full "you own it" server (10$ per month) including a SQL Server if you need it, Domain registration and all my customers get 24 hour a day support. You also get a full content management system, a tested and deployed development and deployment environment including ftp server and client. Unlimited Bandwidth and 2 gigs of drive space, more if you want it.

I also provide many other services, including network security testing, web server security hardening, onsite penetration testing, security camera installation for home business or vehicle, password overwrite recovery for lost or forgotten passwords for your network or computer. If you can find a computing service I don't provide, I will find a way to provide it or point you to someone who can!